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Data Summary

Genomes analysed CRISPRs found (*)
Archea 232 870(202)
Bacteria 6782 8069(3059)
Total 7014 8939(3261)

*number of convincing CRISPR structures (number of genomes with such CRISPR)

Database status:
Last update : 2017-05-09

Christine POURCEL

Welcome to the CRISPRs web service. This page enables the easy detection of CRISPRs in user-submitted sequence data (allows sequences up to 67,000,000 bp).

---> Please note that CRISPRCasFinder (an update of CRISPRFinder) is available at the following link: CRISPRCasFinder

Input format :

Your data must be a DNA sequence (or many DNA sequences) in FASTA format.
Download sample1 Aquifex VF5 or sample2 P. aeruginosa PA14 or samples YP1 Yersinia

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